THE BORING STUFF // Ashley, 27. Born in the suburbs of Boston. Currently residing in Los Angeles. Graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with a bachelors in Fashion Business Management. Professionally experienced in the fashion industry as an assistant buyer in both off-price and specialty stores. This is a one women show. I come up with designs, shoot product, edit photos and videos, create the website, fulfill and ship orders, manage socials, and quite literally everything else. Thank you so much for growing with me and being part of this project.

THE FUN STUFF // I am a typical type B personality with a splash of type A. I am spontaneous- my dream is to show up to the airport with a bag and choose a flight on the spot. I am a risk taker- I once went skydiving and bungee jumping in the same day. I am an explorer- I hope to visit all seven continents one day (currently 4/7 complete). I love trying new things and not knowing what's coming next. I like to keep things light-hearted and have a youthful spirit in everything I do. 

For more in depth and personal look at who I am, check out the blog post on how So Butterfly got started.


So Butterfly aims to provide approachable, cool, and practical pieces for your wardrobe. Inspired by streetwear's forward-thinking yet casual approach to style, we design clothing that makes you feel confident and free while you stomp around festival grounds and local shows. The versatility of each item allows our products to double as everyday wear, perfect to show off your pride in your music taste while roaming the flea market, getting hectic at the bars, or traveling on a road trip to your next event. 

NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER // "I am a fashion lover, but the last thing I want is for my clothing choices to be what gets in the way of me having fun. In my everyday life I love to dress casually, but still prioritize feeling cool and trendy. I've thought about this a lot...I think many people believe being fashionable means they must adopt a girly-girl aesthetic, but I'm here to let you know that wearing your favorite 3X oversized tee shirt, bad-ass sneakers, and the right accessories will do the trick.

I've pretty much got my personal style down pat, but for a long time I felt like an awkward middle schooler when it came to dressing for shows. When I was experimenting with my festival fashion, I found my clothing choices getting in the way of my spontaneous nature. I hated that a cute, but unpractical top was the difference between heading straight to the renegade DJ sets for more fun and losing precious time making a pit stop at camp for an outfit change. At the time, I felt pressure to wear revealing or traditionally feminine outfits, but I got tired of worrying about the way I looked slouching over in a hammock...I wanted to enjoy the short reunion with my festival family and comfortably wonder the depths of possibilities in the festival absolutely care-free, not trying to avoid an outfit malfunction.
With So Butterfly I aim to provide you with pieces you feel good in without sacrificing style. Now you can confidently wonder around in a comfortable and fashionable fit."